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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Death World - farewell to good old 5th ed

Some friends had organised a small local tournament a couple of months in the making. Since it was announced about May time, they decided to play it as a 5th edition event. I was looking forward to this, as we've had a few of these events over the last year and its always fun playing against your mates and a good bit of banter with it. Also, my Dark Eldar has been fun and effective without ( in my opinion anyways) having an optimised list.

So it was 5 games over the weekend - 3 on the Saturday and 2 on the Sunday, with unique missions with both primary and secondary objectives. Originally there was supposed to be between 24-28 people coming along, but since a lot of them are gooches they didn't show up, but we had 16 people and that was still a reasonable number, and they were all good guys, most of whom I know reasonably well.

I'm the only Dark Eldar there, which is relatively common in my local area.

The first game, and I'm drawn against Tama's Blood Angels, who have repeatedly smashed my poor DE in 5th edition. My absolute fail dark lance rolls against his Stormraven are legendary, and I think he beat me solid every game for a year!

My list:

Succubus with Agoniser 85 pts
Haemonculus with shattershard 65
Haemonculus with liquifier gun 60
Haemonculus with liquifier gun 60
8 x wyches, haywires + 1 set of hydra gauntlets, hekatrix with power weapon. Raider with sails and nightshields 201
9 x wyches, haywires + 1 set of hydra gauntlets, hekatrix with power weapon. Raider with sails and nightshields 213
5 x warriors, blaster. Venom with nightshields + extra splinter cannon 135
5 x warriors, blaster. Venom with nightshields + extra splinter cannon 135
5 x warriors. Venom with nightshields + extra splinter cannon 120
7 x Incubi with klaivex with Onslaught. Raider with sails and nightshields 259
Ravager x 3 disintegrators, nightshields 115
Ravager x 3 dark lances, nightshields 115
Voidraven Bomber, x 2 void lances, void mine, x 2 shatterfield missiles, flickerfield, nightshield 185

Total 1748

Tama's was something like this:

Blender Furioso
5 man Sanguinary Guard with melta pistol thing and a power fist
Sanguinary Priest
10 man tacitcal squad, power fist, meltagun, missile launcher, Rhino
5 man assault squad, power axe, meltagun in a lascannon Land Raider with HK missile
2 Land Speeder Typhoons
Stormraven with Mutlimeltas, hurricane bolters and plasma cannon
probably missing something

Mission was table quarters - dedicated transports can't hold or contest table quarters - anything else can and set up was Pitched Battle. I win the roll and decide to go first. I roll a 6 for my combat drugs, and so the succubus squad of wyches are fearless, have feel no pain (FNP) and have furious charge (FC), with the other squad with FNP & FC.

I set up hugging the back of the table with my nightshields stuff to hopefully be out of range of a lot of his shooting. Tama then deploys so my disintegrator ravager is pretty useless in its position, and with a lot of his troops quite far back so I have to at least weather a turn or two of shooting before i'm in assault. He fails to sieze but I was certainly clenching.

Early Game: Disintegrator ravager busts a flat out move away from Tama's land raider and the wych raiders position themselves to get a cover save or be obscured from most of his shooting, but don't go flat out as I want their dark lances to shoot this turn. One of my venoms move up onto terrain and gets immobilised. Shooting, and both the Voidraven and the dark lance ravager totally wiff on the Stormraven. Again! Then a dark lance from a raider immobilises the Raven and it has to get placed on the deck behind a big rock thing muhaha. Tama turbo-powers his land speeders towards my stuff as its quite far away in the opposite corner. Tama pretty much wiffs most of his shots back, though he fires two weapons the first turn from his land raider despite moving 12"  as we later discover (sneaky Tama), a hunter-killer that my Voidraven's flickerfield deflects and the lascannon takes a dark lance off the Incubi raider.

Will finish later

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