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Thank you for checking out my Dark Eldar blog. I plan to record my progress in finishing off my current favourite 40K army which shall encompass my attempts at trying to make the army look half decent (for instance, I have never properly based an army ever, so that will be an experience), battle reports, tactics and painting progress, as well as adding a bit of background here and there.

Apologies to those of you that have checked out numerous blogs like these before - I'm well aware that my painting skills need some work but that's part of the reason for recording it like this. Please leave a comment if you have a question, any thoughts on units or tactics or especially painting hints and tips.


Friday, 13 July 2012


To start with, currently I'm working on the Razorwing Jetfighter model, which just now is kind of the centrepiece of my army. In my opinion, its one of the best plastic models that GW have ever released, so I hope to make mine look half decent in the end.  I've had the model for a few months now and done nothing with it, so restarted on it today. As you can see I don't really hold with the 'dark' part of Dark Eldar. Afterall, these crazy muppets created Slaanesh, so they're hardly gonna have dulled down over the millenia in my opinion! So excessive colouring in the forms of eyewatering purple and lime green, with weapons a mix of turqouise and sky blue. 

I haven't seen many folks actually try and paint the cockpits & pilots of their 40k flyers, so I've decided to have a crack at it. I had almost finished the pilot when I decided I wanted to do the inside of the cockpit white, then wash over it with a red to make the walls seem to glow a light purple. I haven't gotten to that yet, so it looks a mess. As you can see I've done the controls, but my amateurish attempt at a crosshair maybe needs redone. Gonna leave it as is for today and get on with it next week.


  1. Looking good Sean.

    Looks like there aren't many bits on it that could break off when transporting it.

    I'm in the middle of painting a Valk and it's already missing a couple of fins (are they called fins?) off of the tail.

  2. Thanks dude. A way to go on it yet, and I just bought another one today to use as a Voidraven. Funnily enough, two of the spiky tail parts broke off and I had to file down the stumps of them to make it look like they had never been there, so there is ways to smash it up. Also, some of the missiles are quite delicate