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Thank you for checking out my Dark Eldar blog. I plan to record my progress in finishing off my current favourite 40K army which shall encompass my attempts at trying to make the army look half decent (for instance, I have never properly based an army ever, so that will be an experience), battle reports, tactics and painting progress, as well as adding a bit of background here and there.

Apologies to those of you that have checked out numerous blogs like these before - I'm well aware that my painting skills need some work but that's part of the reason for recording it like this. Please leave a comment if you have a question, any thoughts on units or tactics or especially painting hints and tips.


Friday, 13 July 2012


Hello fellow nerds, and welcome to the dark part of the webway where I shall be constructing my Dark Eldar Kabal, the Annihilated Souls. I have been a 40k player for about 4 years now, and had a Dark Eldar army for more than 3 of them, but have never given it the attention that the darklings deserve. Previously I have dabbled with a Salamanders and Red Corsairs power armoured-wearing forces before, but now I enjoy the challenge and the different take on gameplay that the fastest but most fragile army in the 41st Millenium has to offer.

 I am now determined to take my evil force to more tournaments and use it more often in my casual gaming, so I will be updating this blog as the force progresses. I am well aware I have a limited painting ability so apologies if these pics are not up to the standard you normally see on these kind of blogs but thats part of the motivation for me to improve. Please feel free to ask questions, provide feedback and most especially any painting tips you care to share.

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