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Thank you for checking out my Dark Eldar blog. I plan to record my progress in finishing off my current favourite 40K army which shall encompass my attempts at trying to make the army look half decent (for instance, I have never properly based an army ever, so that will be an experience), battle reports, tactics and painting progress, as well as adding a bit of background here and there.

Apologies to those of you that have checked out numerous blogs like these before - I'm well aware that my painting skills need some work but that's part of the reason for recording it like this. Please leave a comment if you have a question, any thoughts on units or tactics or especially painting hints and tips.


Monday, 16 July 2012

Silent Shadow Incubus Temple

Really love the fluff behind Incubi - a samurai/ninja inspired order of Eldar Warriors used as bodyguards as Dark Eldar lords distrust their own servants too much to rely on their loyalty. They are supposed to be derived from a group of fallen Striking Scorpions, or more accurately the original Phoenix Lord of the Scorpions, Ahra.

I particularly like the old models for them as you can see - none of those Klaive-wielding nancy boys for me!

The squad isn't finished yet but I want to have the Incubi, the Razorwing and the Voidraven the real centre pieces of my army come Throne of Skulls tournament time in October, when a big group of the Glasgow guys head down together.

As for their part in my gameplay - Incubi are nowhere near as good as they used to be, as they could take grenades so to not be at Initiative level 1 when they charge units in terrain, and you could give the Incubi Master a combat drugs dispenser. But I suppose they are cheaper now and are Elite choices rather than a bodyguard unit. Being Initiative level 5 instead of 6 hurts them a little bit if there is a character in the squad they charge.

I plan to use them to pick on isolated Marine or Necron squads where they should put a bit of hurt on. Including the Klaivex there is 7 of them. So say I charge a squad of 7-8 Space Wolves - a typical number. The Klaivex challenges the Wolf Guard. With 4 x WS 6 attacks at I 6 and S 4, he should despatch the Wolf Guard in short order. The other 6 Incubi fight the squad, and statistically they should be killing 1 marine each on the charge. Onslaught helps here, as for each roll of a 6 to wound the squad get an extra attack at the same Initiative step. So going with stats, there should be just over 6 of the Space Wolves dead, and the Wolf Guard if he was game enough to accept the challenge. leaving only 1-2 to fight back.

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